Things I Know to be True: Prop design

Things I Know to be True: Prop design

Importance of Prop Design

  • “Things I Know to be True” showcases the importance of prop design in portraying a detailed, poignant visual narrative.

  • It is crucial to be aware of the symbolic nature of each prop, which can provide a gateway into the deeper narrative layers of the story. An example is the roses that Bob nurtures - they metaphorically represent the fragility of each family member’s life.

  • The emotional depth and complexity of “Things I Know to be True” should also be communicated through the prop design. The props should not only help construct the play’s physical world, but also serve as extensions of the characters and their inner emotional landscapes.

  • Every prop used should add something purposeful to the narrative. Unnecessary overcrowding with props that do not contribute to the storyline or do not enhance the emotional depth of a scene should be avoided.

Prop Design Reflecting Setting and Characters

  • Props must reflect the domestic setting of the Price family home, including elements such as furniture, home decor, personal items, family mementos, and gardening tools used by Bob.

  • Prop design needs to complement the nuances of each character. For example, Bob’s gardening tools can symbolize his deep connection with nature and his longing for tranquillity.

Practical Considerations for Prop Design

  • Prop design should be flexible enough to accommodate the non-linear structure of the play. The props should be versatile, easy to manipulate, and compatible with swift stage changes required due to the non-chronological narrative nature of the scenes.

  • Prop designers must be mindful of creating a balance of aesthetics and practicality in making the props seem realistic, given the play’s focus on the everyday realities and struggles of the Price family.

  • Understanding how lighting and other technical elements will impact the appearances and functionalities of the props is another important aspect.

  • Be aware that proper utilization of props can enhance performance through providing actors with physical objects to interact with, thereby facilitating deeper engagement with their characters and their characters’ circumstances.