A Taste of Honey: Performers' physical interpretation of character (build, age, height, facial features, movement, posture, gesture, facial expression)

A Taste of Honey: Performers’ physical interpretation of character (build, age, height, facial features, movement, posture, gesture, facial expression)

#Varying Character Features

  • The physical interpretation of characters in ‘A Taste of Honey’ is a crucial aspect of the overall portrayal.
  • Each character in the play has distinctive physical features. Helen, for example, is described as being in her late thirties, relatively attractive and fashionable, yet showing signs of ageing due to her hard lifestyle.
  • In contrast, Jo is a young, independent 17-year-old who should be slightly unkempt and disheveled, reflecting her unconventional upbringing and defiance.
  • Geof, as a young art student and Jo’s roommate, may typically be presented as slightly nerdy, yet gentle and caring in his demeanour.

#Movement and Posture

  • Helen’s movements and posture might be flirtatious and overly confident, mirroring her lively personality and manipulative traits.
  • Jo’s movement should indicate a level of immaturity, impulsiveness and stubbornness. Likewise, her posture should reflect a more defensive and standoffish demeanour to mirror her guarded nature.
  • Geof’s movements should display a kind nature but also apprehension and anxiety about his living situation.


  • Helen’s gestures might be expansive, a little sultry and exaggerated, reflecting her larger-than-life character.
  • Jo’s gestures could be more restrained and occasionally defiant, showing her rebellion and teenage angst.
  • Geof’s gestures should be considerate and mild, manifesting his genteel and somewhat timid character.

#Facial Expressions

  • Helen’s facial expressions might typically be smug, forceful or seductive, depicting her manipulative personality.
  • Jo’s facial expressions may often show frustration, anger, or hidden vulnerability to portray her turbulent emotional state.
  • Geof may often look worried, compassionate or thoughtful, reflecting his empathy and concern for Jo.


  • Consider how characters interact with one another. Helen’s assertiveness over Jo, Jo’s rebelliousness against Helen, and Geof’s gentle approach towards Jo are all key interactions.


  • Costumes, lighting, and stage direction can further highlight physical features, reinforcing the interpretation. Also, pay attention to exact stage descriptions provided in the script.

Remember, while these observations guide you, there is always room for creativity, so long as it aligns with the character’s portrayal in the text.