Blood Brothers: characters

Blood Brothers: Characters

Mickey Johnstone

  • One of the twin brothers who were separated at birth. Grows up in a poverty-stricken, working-class family.
  • Initially, he is full of life and is carefree but his demeanour changes after being imprisoned.
  • As an adult, he struggles with unemployment and depression.

Edward Lyons

  • Mickey’s twin brother, who is taken in by a wealthy, middle-class family after birth.
  • Unlike Mickey, he is educated, polite, and uses formal language.
  • He is naïve and innocent, especially towards societal class divisions and struggles.

Mrs. Johnstone

  • Biological mother of the twins, who works as a cleaner for Mrs. Lyons.
  • Her motherly love and strong moral compass is shown when she struggles with her decision to give up one of her sons.
  • She is superstitious and her belief in the curse profoundly affects the plot.

Mrs. Lyons

  • The adoptive mother of Edward and employer of Mrs. Johnstone.
  • Initially, she appears kind and caring but later becomes paranoid and manipulative, fearing losing Edward.
  • She is consumed by the superstition that the twins must never meet.

Sammy Johnstone

  • Mickey’s older brother, portrayed as violent and reckless.
  • His threatening and aggressive behaviour sets a negative precedent for Mickey.


  • A childhood friend and later the wife of Mickey, who also develops feelings for Edward.
  • She is a strong and supportive character, caught in the midst of the brothers’ tragic fate.

The Narrator

  • Unlike traditional narrators, he involves himself as a character in the play.
  • He doesn’t interact directly with the characters but rather, comments on their actions, providing key insights and dramatic irony.

Remember that each character plays a vital role in understanding the themes and narrative of the play. Deeper understanding of the nuances of each character helps in grasping the overall essence of ‘Blood Brothers’.