Around the World in 80 Days: Prop design

Around the World in 80 Days: Prop design

Key Aspects of Prop Design

  • Prop design in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ plays a key role in setting the scene and highlighting the changing locations traversed by the main characters.
  • The time and place-specific nature of the story needs to be reflected in prop design: for instance, Phileas Fogg’s pocket watch or the hot air balloon, emphasizing the Victorian setting of the drama.

Utilizing Multiple-Purpose Props

  • Given the myriad of locations within the story, multi-purpose props are critical to depict different settings and establish smooth transitions. For example, a piece of luggage might serve as a seat in one scene, and a stand for a globe in the next.

Props supporting the Narrative

  • The prop design should also support the fast-paced narrative and the sense of adventure and travel in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. High-density props like maps, compasses, and travel bags can help to demonstrate the characters’ journeys and progression of time.

Color, Material, Scale, and Detail in Prop Design

  • The color and material of props can effectively symbolize different cultures and countries. Vibrant and exotic textiles may represent India, while more subdued and elegant props may represent England.
  • Scale and detail of props are important as they contribute to the sense of realism. A full-size steam engine, for example, would make a heavy impact but might be impractical, so a scale model or a symbolic representation can be used instead.

Essential Factors in Prop Design

  • It’s vital to remember that each prop should help tell the story. If it doesn’t add to the character or the narrative, its necessity should be evaluated. Also, it is essential to prioritize safety when designing and using props.

Communication in Prop Design

  • Lastly, crucial to prop design is effective communication with the director and dramaturg to ensure the props accurately reflect the play’s thematic concerns and are consistent with the overall visual design of the production.