Blood Brothers: use of performance space

Blood Brothers: use of performance space

Socio-economic Representation through Performance Space

  • Blood Brothers” explores two worlds divided by a physical space that symbolises the socio-economic class difference. The richer side tends to be more brightly lit and spacious, while the poorer side is often darker and more closed off.

  • The staging plays a key role in depicting this class disparity. This can be achieved by using elevated platforms for the Lyons household while the Johnston residence is at the ground level.

  • Use of multi-level performance spaces highlights the social status of the characters – suggesting physical and metaphorical ‘heights’ that characters might aspire to or fall from.

Neutral and Shared Spaces

  • The playground location functions as a neutral territory where both Eddie and Mickey interact, thereby breaking the restrictions imposed due to their diverse backgrounds.

  • Use of the whole theatre space, including aisles or audience area, encourages the idea of breaking the fourth wall and creates an intimate atmosphere, drawing the audience emotionally closer to the events on the stage.

  • The symbolic border in the centre of the stage that segregates the affluent and deprived communities is a crucial element within the performance space, visually portraying the separation between the brothers’ worlds.

Transitions and Lighting

  • Transitions between spaces and scenes are seamlessly managed, often using lighting changes or minimal changes in set design, allowing for quick-paced storytelling.

  • The frequent use of spotlight, particularly in tragic moments, helps to focus the audience’s attention and heighten the emotional impact, similarly the use of shadow and dimming of lights can create a sense of foreboding or impending doom.

  • When considering the staging in the final scene, attention should be paid to the staging’s tragic end, from the proximity of the characters to the reactions of the crowd.

Staging Configurations

  • Various performance spaces, such as exterior and interior locations, are cleverly suggested through different staging configurations, suggesting the changing settings in a cost-effective manner.

  • Stage properties like doors, gates or windows might be used effectively to symbolise different periods, barriers or opportunities.

After considering these points, remember, it’s crucial to take into consideration the different uses of performance space while critically analyzing the play “Blood Brothers”. Performance space represents significant subtexts related to the characters, themes and societal situations presented in the play.