Noughts and Crosses: characters

Noughts and Crosses: characters

Main Characters

  • Callum McGregor: One of the two main protagonists and is a Cross (also known as a ‘Cross’). He originates from a powerful Cross family and is deeply in love with Sephy, who is a Nought. Changed from a lively boy to a serious young man over time with racial discrimination against the Noughts.

  • Persephone ‘Sephy’ Hadley: Callum McGregor’s romantic partner and a Cross. Her family is exceptionally affluent and intensely opposed to the Noughts. Despite these constraints, she is determined, feisty, and intelligent character who challenges societal ideals and her own family’s viewpoints.

The Hadleys

  • Jasmine Hadley: Sephy’s mother and a former alcoholic. Her narrative throughout the story showcases her maturity from ignorance of the Noughts’ struggles to empathy and understanding.

  • Kamal Hadley: He is Sephy’s father and a ruthless politician. His strong belief is in maintaining the supremacy of the Crosses and his refusal to engage or empathise with the Noughts. His character represents the oppressive regime the Crosses have in place.

The McGregors

  • Meggie McGregor: Callum’s mother and a worker for the Hadley family. She is kind-hearted, and fiercely loves her children but is constantly at odds with the social divide between the Noughts and the Crosses.

  • Ryan McGregor: Callum’s father, a resilient Nought who is determined to fight for equality. He is unwavering in his involvement in different methods to improve the status and rights of the Noughts.

  • Lynette McGregor: She is Callum’s sister who has a severe mental breakdown due to the ongoing hostilities and her traumatic experiences. Her character is a representation of the grave effects of discrimination and conflict on mental health.

Key Revision Points

  • Remember to focus on key character traits, their development throughout the plot, and their role in relation to the play’s major themes when revising.