Staging configuration: promenade.

Staging configuration: promenade.

Promenade Staging Definition

  • Promenade is a style of theatre that originated in France which directly translates to “walk” or “stroll”.
  • In this configuration, the audience moves around the performance space rather than remaining static in one place like in conventional theatre settings.
  • The performance takes place in various locations within a designated area, the spectacle ‘moves around’ just as the audience does.

Characteristics of Promenade Staging

  • Audience participation is common in promenade staging - the spectators may follow actors from one location to another, or even interact with the performance.
  • Promenade staging often pushes the boundaries of the traditional stage-audience relationship. The performers are not confined to a specified area and this facilitates greater environmental immersion.
  • It can stimulate an intimate and intense response from the audience since the performance occurs in close proximity.
  • There are no physical barriers between the actors and spectators in the promenade staging, which may lead to an engaged and active viewing experience.

Challenges and Considerations in Promenade Staging

  • However, as the actors are surrounded by the audience, extensive planning and rehearsal are required for successful implementation. Blocking and choreography become paramount to ensure sightlines and audibility.
  • It is a versatile staging technique often used in site-specific, immersive theatre or any kind of unconventional space.
  • While designing a performance in promenade staging, consideration has to be given to lighting and sound which can be more challenging due to the shifting locations. Both may need to be portable and adaptable.
  • Consider the practicality and safety measures while planning a promenade production. Clear communication and directions are necessary for the smooth transition of the audience from one place to another.

Benefits of Promenade Staging

  • This staging configuration offers an unique theatrical experience, fostering a closer connection between the actors and the spectators.

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