Noughts and Crosses: character motivation and interaction

Noughts and Crosses: character motivation and interaction


  • Noughts and Crosses” is a play based on the novel by Malorie Blackman and provides an interesting commentary on racial tension and societal structures.

Main Characters

  • Sephy Hadley: The daughter of a high-ranking Cross family, motivated by her pursuit of equality and justice. Challenges societal norms, has a close bond with Callum McGregor.

  • Callum McGregor: A Nought feeling resentment and a desire to bring change in the discriminatory world. His relationship with Sephy is complicated because of societal norms.

  • Kamal Hadley: Sephy’s father and a politician. Primarily motivated by power and control. Often reveals an authoritarian nature in his interactions.

  • Meggie McGregor: Callum’s mother, motivated by survival. She works to protect her family amidst prevalent prejudices.

  • Jude McGregor: Callum’s elder brother, a member of the Liberation Militia. Driven by anger and revenge against the Crosses, often has intense and confrontational interactions.

Character Interaction

  • Interactions serve to highlight deep-seated societal issues and prejudice. For example, the evolving relationship between Sephy and Callum prompts them to challenge societal norms.

  • The complex relationship between Kamal Hadley and his daughter Sephy signifies rigid societal structures and power control.

  • Jude’s interactions demonstrate the negative impacts of discrimination – they bring out his anger, frustration, and radicalism.

Examination Tips

  • Understanding character motivation and interaction is crucial for a compelling performance in the drama exam.
  • Consistent review and practise can help in mastering the characters and their motivations.