Noughts and Crosses: structure

Noughts and Crosses: structure

Structure of “Noughts and Crosses”

  • “Noughts and Crosses” is structured in a chronological linear fashion. This means the series of events throughout the play unfolds in a straight, progressive line from beginning to end, without notable instances of flashbacks or time jumps.

  • The play is made up of different scenes, all of which contain dialogues and actions that help to advance the plot of the story.

  • Its structure is divided into two parts: the exposition, where background information about the characters and setting is given, leading up to the initial dramatic incident, and the subsequent development and climax, where the story reaches its peak of emotion or tension.

Character Introduction and Exposition

  • The exposition is where the main characters are introduced, namely Sephy, a Cross, and Callum, a Nought. The audience are also made aware of the societal division between Nought (the underclass) and Cross (the upper class).

  • As the story progresses, the structure follows a series of rising actions, where the plot intensity builds up, typically through conflicts and encounters between characters.

Climax and Resolution

  • One very significant part of the structure is the climax, occurring towards the end of the play, generally marked by a key turning point in the relationship between Sephy and Callum.

  • Following the climax, there is a final resolution or denouement. This is where the play’s conflicts are resolved and the plot is closed, leaving the audience with a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Themes and Contrasts

  • Throughout the play, the author uses scenes of contrast to underscore the themes of the play. There are scenes of happiness and despair, of acceptance and rejection, love and hate.

  • The structure is also marked by the thematic development, tackling issues such as prejudice, injustice, love, friendship, and family, providing layers of complexity and depth to the narrative.

  • Keep in mind that each scene and character interaction is crucial to develop and move the story consistently, making the structure of “Noughts and Crosses” a fundamental aspect to understand.