Career Choices and Ambitions

Career Choices and Ambitions: Key Vocabulary

Carrera: career
Empleo: employment
Ambiciones: ambitions
Elección/ópción - choice
Oportunidades de trabajo/carreras - job opportunities/careers
Solicitud de empleo: job application
Calificaciones: qualifications
Habilidades: skills
Experiencia laboral: work experience
Pasante: intern
Entrevista: interview
Salario: salary
Beneficios: benefits
Promoción: promotion
Reto: challenge

Common Phrases to Use

“En el futuro, quisiera ser…”: In the future, I would like to be…
“Mi sueño es trabajar en…”: My dream is to work in…
“Estoy interesado/a en … porque…”: I’m interested in … because…
“Espero obtener un título/certificado en…”: I hope to get a degree/certificate in…
“Estoy considerando una carrera en…”: I am considering a career in…

Articulating Career Choices

Think of reasons and use transitional phrases to express these reasons, for example, “Primero…,” (firstly), “otra razón es que…,” (another reason is that), “Finalmente…,” (finally).

Requirements and Skills

To express necessity, use “necesito” (I need) or “es necesario” (it’s necessary).
For skills, often use “sabre” (to know) and abilities can be indicated with “poder” (can/to be able to).

Discussing Ambitions

Use phrases like “Espero…“ (I hope to…), “Mi meta es…“ (My goal is…), or “Sueño con…“ (I dream of…) and then discuss what you hope to achieve in your chosen career.

Using Appropriate Time Frames

Present tense to describe current interests.
Future tense or conditional to talk about future plans.
Perfect tense to talk about any past work experiences.

Basic Grammar

Ensure correct agreement of nouns and adjectives.
Use a range of tenses appropriately.
Practice using modal verbs to express desires and ambitions.