Environmental Problems

Basic Vocabulary for Environmental Problems

  • Pollution - Contaminación
  • Global Warming - Calentamiento Global
  • Deforestation - Deforestación
  • Overpopulation - Sobrepoblación
  • Natural disasters - Desastres Naturales

Describing the Seriousness of the Situation

  • It is a global issue - Es un problema global
  • States must take action - Los estados deben tomar acción
  • This issue is urgent - Este problema es urgente

Practising Sentences Related to Environmental Actions

  • We should recycle more - Deberíamos reciclar más
  • They are cutting down too many trees - Están cortando demasiados árboles
  • Countries should invest in renewable energy - Los países deben invertir en energías renovables

Recognizing Key Figures and Discussion

  • Hundreds of species go extinct every year - Cientos de especies se extinguen cada año
  • The average temperature is rising - La temperatura media está subiendo

Proposition of Solutions and Using Conditional Phrases

  • If we recycle, we will reduce pollution - Si reciclamos, reduciremos la contaminación
  • If governments invest in green technologies, we could slow down global warming - Si los gobiernos invierten en tecnologías verdes, podríamos ralentizar el calentamiento global

Expressing Personal Opinions on Environmental Issues

  • In my opinion, we are not doing enough to protect the environment - En mi opinión, no estamos haciendo lo suficiente para proteger el medio ambiente
  • I believe that everyone has a responsibility to reduce waste - Creo que todos tienen la responsabilidad de reducir los residuos

Remember to practise these phrases and vocabulary regularly in different contexts. Discuss environmental issues with classmates or teachers for better understanding and application. Revisit the key figures and make sure you understand how to discuss and explain them. Do not forget the importance of expressing personal opinions on these topics.