Key Spanish Cinema Terms

  • ‘Cine’ is the Spanish word for ‘cinema’. Use this when talking about going to the cinema or discussing movies.
  • Use different verbs to specify what you did at the cinema. Some commonly used ones are ‘ir’ (to go), ‘ver’ (to watch), ‘gustar’ (to like), ‘encantar’ (to love).

Constructing Sentences

  • Example sentences about cinema include ‘Ayer fui al cine’ which means ‘Yesterday, I went to the cinema’. To say what movie you saw, say ‘Ví una película romántica’, meaning ‘I saw a romantic movie’.
  • Express your opinion on a movie with the phrase ‘Me gustó la película porque…’ (I liked the movie because…). Substitute ‘gustó’ with ‘encantó’ if you loved the movie.
  • Discuss your favourite film genre such as ‘Mi género favorito es…’ meaning ‘My favourite genre is…’.
  • Talk about the artists involved: ‘El actor principal’ means the main actor, ‘actriz’ is actress, and ‘el director’ is the director.

Talking about Movie Recommendations and Viewing Habits

  • Express your recommendation for a film: ‘Recomendaría esta película’ or ‘No recomendaría esta película’ mean ‘I would recommend this movie’ and ‘I would not recommend this movie’ respectively.
  • Indicate your cinema habits: ‘Voy al cine cada semana’- ‘I go to the cinema every week’ or ‘Raramente voy al cine’- ‘I rarely go to the cinema’.
  • If you prefer to watch movies at home, use the sentence ‘Prefiero ver películas en casa porque es más cómodo’- ‘I prefer to watch movies at home because it is more comfortable’.

Spanish Cinema Genre Terms

Discuss your favourite film genre using these terms: ‘comedia’ (comedy), ‘romántico’ (romantic), ‘acción’ (action), ‘terror’ (horror) and ‘ciencia ficción’ (science fiction).


Remember, in all instances above, verb conjugation and noun gender agreement should be considered depending on the context to ensure accuracy in your Spanish speaking and writing. Practice different sentences about cinema to enhance your vocabulary and fluency.