Topic: Sport

Topic: Sport

Understanding Sports in Spanish Culture

  • Popular sports such as football (fútbol), tennis (tenis), basketball (baloncesto), and cycling (ciclismo) play an important role in everyday Spanish life.
  • Also, traditional sports like bullfighting (la corrida de toros). However, remember to mention it is a controversial topic due to animal rights.

Vocabulary About Sports

  • Make sure to know both the names of sports and relevant verbs. For instance, playing football (jugar al fútbol), go swimming (ir a nadar), and to practice athletics (practicar atletismo).

Discussing Your Own Sporting Activities

  • Be able to narrate how often you participate (participo), what equipment you need (necesito), why you like it (me gusta porque…), or why you don’t like it (no me gusta porque…).

Health Benefits of Sports

  • Develop vocabulary related to health benefits such as staying fit (mantenerse en forma), losing weight (perder peso), or relieving stress (aliviar el estrés).

Sports Facilities

  • Know the terms for facilities such as sports centre (centro deportivo), swimming pool (piscina), and gym (gimnasio).
  • Be able to express opinions about the quality and availability of these facilities.

Sports Events

  • Know words to describe different types of sports events: a match/game (partido), tournament (torneo), World Cup (Copa Mundial), and Olympics (Juegos Olímpicos).
  • Be able to talk about how you feel when watching these events, or aspirations to participate in them.

Controversies in Sports

  • Vary your vocabulary to discuss sport issues like doping (dopaje), corruption (corrupción), and sexism (sexismo) in sports.

Remember, expressing your opinions, agreement or disagreement and giving reasons for your views will help you get higher marks in your speaking and writing sections. Moreover, try to use different tenses: the present, past or future.

This revision material does not only focus on enhancing your vocabulary about the sports topic, but it also aims to help you understand more about Spanish culture. Good luck with your revision!