Topic: School Life

Topic: School Life

School Subjects

  • Understand the vocabulary for different school subjects. For example, matemáticas (maths), ciencias (science), historia (history), inglés (English), español (Spanish), física (physics), etc.
  • Be able to express your thoughts about different school subjects. For instance, ¿Cuál es tu asignatura preferida? (What is your favourite subject?), ¿Por qué te gusta esta asignatura? (Why do you like this subject?)

School Equipment and Routine

  • Learn vocabulary for school equipment: libros (books), lápices (pencils), cuadernos (notebooks), bolígrafos (pens), calculadoras (calculators), etc.
  • Explore the phrases used to describe your school day routine. For example, El colegio empieza a las (School starts at), Me levanto a las (I wake up at), La clase termina a las (The lessons finish at).

Personality and Behaviour in School

  • Improve your vocabulary to express your ideas about your teachers and fellow pupils. ¿Who is your favourite teacher?) ¿Cómo es tu profesor(a)? (What is your teacher like?), ¿Cómo son tus compañeros de clase? (What are your classmates like?).
  • Familiarise yourself with rules and regulations in school: Es obligatorio llevar uniforme (Uniform is compulsory), No se puede mascar chicle (Chewing gum is not allowed), Hay que respetar a los profesores (We must respect the teachers).

Academic Performance and Future Plans

  • Understand how to describe your academic performance and strengths. For example, Soy bueno/a en (I am good at), Necesito mejorar en (I need to improve in), Saqué una buena nota en (I got a good grade in).
  • Be able to express your future educational plans using both the future tense and the conditional tense: Me gustaría estudiar (I would like to study), Voy a estudiar (I am going to study), Quiero estudiar (I want to study).

Extra Curricular Activities and Extended Responses

  • Learn vocabulary and phrases that will allow you to discuss extra curricular activities. For example: el club de teatro (drama club), el equipo de fútbol (football team), el coro (choir), etc.
  • Practice answering longer essay-style questions on the topic of school life. These typically ask for your opinions on various aspects of school, and should be answered using a variety of tenses and complex structures to achieve the highest marks.