Social Media

Social Media Overview

  • Social Media: Encompasses various internet-based platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, which facilitate communication and sharing of information.
  • Use of Technology: Often in modern Spanish, the English words for social media platforms are used, however, remember in Spanish these should be preceded by ‘el’ or ‘la’ depending on the gender.

Examining Social Media Benefits

  • Benefits: Social media allows people to connect across great distances, share ideas and experiences, and collaborate on projects. This reflects on the Spanish term ‘redes sociales’, translating as ‘social networks’.

Identifying Social Media Negatives

  • Negatives: Problems can arise, however, in terms of cyberbullying, privacy infringement or over-reliance on social media for social interaction.

Understanding Social Media Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary: Make sure you know basic related Spanish vocabulary such as ‘compartir’ (to share), ‘la privacidad’ (privacy), and ‘ciberacoso’ (cyberbullying).

Diving Into the Impact of Social Media on Communication

  • Changing Communication Modes: Reflect on how ways of communicating have been changed by the emergence of social media. The introduction of social media has heralded a new era of communication that is instantaneous, global, and often less formal.

Evaluating Social Media in Spanish-Speaking Cultures

  • Social Issues: Consider Spanish-speaking cultures and how people use social media in these societies.

Analysing Representations of Social Media

  • Representations of Social Media: Be ready to read and listen to Spanish language materials about social media, understand them, and talk/write about them in the target language.

Engaging in Debates on Social Media Use

  • Debates: Be prepared to express your opinion, in Spanish, concerning the use, advantages, and disadvantages of social media.