Topic: Career Choices and Ambitions

Topic: Career Choices and Ambitions

Vocabulary and Phrases

  • Learn and revise relevant vocabulary on occupations, professions, and trades. Some examples include “médico” (doctor), “profesor” (teacher), “ingeniero” (engineer), “abogado” (lawyer), “cocinero” (chef), etc.
  • Understand and practise using vocabulary related to personal skills and qualities, such as “trabajador” (hard working), “ambicioso” (ambitious), “creativo” (creative), etc.
  • Ensure to practise the vocabulary for higher education and apprenticeships, such as “universidad” (university), “grado” (degree), “aprendizaje” (apprenticeship), “carrera” (career), etc.

Expressing Future Aspirations

  • Be prepared to express why you might choose a certain career over another. Memorize phrases like “me gustaría ser… porque” (I would like to be… because), “en el futuro espero” (in the future I hope), etc.
  • Learn and revise the conditional tense (el condicional) to speak about future aspirations. For example, “sería” (I would be), “trabajaría” (I would work), etc.
  • Learn and revise phrases that express where you’d like to work or study in the future. For instance, “Me gustaría trabajar/estudiar en…” (I would like to work/study in…), “Mi sueño es trabajar/estudiar en” (My dream is to work/study in…), etc.

Discussing Careers

  • Be able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different career paths. This could include factors such as earnings, job satisfaction, working hours, etc.
  • Practice role play scenarios and conversations where you might be asked to discuss your future career intentions, such as job interviews or conversations with a careers adviser. This will also help with your listening and speaking skills.

Study Strategies

  • Note that practise is essential. Try and use this vocabulary in sentences and in discussion to allow it to sink in. Additionally, reading Spanish articles about employment and education trends will help you familiarise with casual language use and potentially the culture relating to work in Spanish-speaking countries.