Topic: Clothes Shopping

Topic: Clothes Shopping

Clothes Description and Vocabulary

  • Description of clothes: Know how to describe different types of clothes in Spanish. E.g. ‘la camiseta’ is ‘t-shirt’. Also be able to talk about colours, sizes, and fabric material.
  • Places to shop: Familiarise yourself with vocabulary related to places to shop, such as ‘el centro comercial’ (shopping centre), ‘la tienda de ropa’ (clothes shop), or ‘el mercado’ (market).
  • Online shopping: Be aware of vocabulary related to online shopping such as ‘comprar en línea’ (to shop online), ‘el carrito de compras’ (shopping cart), or ‘entrega a domicilio’ (home delivery).
  • Everyday conversational phrases and dialogues: Practice phrases and dialogues that are used in everyday shopping scenarios, like asking for a size or how to return a clothing item.

Sharing Opinions and Perspectives

  • Opinions: Express your likes and dislikes in relation to clothes shopping. E.g. ‘No me gusta comprar ropa’ (I don’t like shopping for clothes).
  • Current events and news: Keep an eye on the news to find out about current events or trends in Spain relating to clothes shopping. This could provide a contemporary context to your answers.

Insight into Spanish Fashion Scene

  • Local Spanish shops: Research about local Spanish fashion brands or shops and how they are different from your local environment. Similarly, you could talk about any local market or festival where clothes are sold.
  • Spanish fashion: Learn about traditional Spanish clothing, famous Spanish designers and globally recognised Spanish clothing brands, such as Zara or Mango. Include how these Spanish brands have an impact in the fashion industry internationally.

Understanding Shopping Customs and Practices

  • Comparison of shopping culture: Understand the differences in shopping customs at a national and international level. For example, the concept of ‘siesta’ in Spain, where shops close in the afternoon, is different from shopping hours in other countries.
  • Economic impact: Comment on the economic effect of shopping, such as how consumer spending contributes to the national and international economy. Discuss the impact of Spanish fashion brands on the global market.

Global Fashion Industry Issues

  • Ethical fashion: Discuss issues related to global fashion industry like sweatshops, child labour, or environmental impact of fast fashion. How these issues are viewed or tackled in Spain compared to the rest of the world.