Key Vocabulary

  • When discussing music in Spanish, some key vocabulary might include: la música (music), la canción (song), el concierto (concert), el músico (musician), la banda (band), tocar (to play an instrument), and bailar (to dance).

  • You should also be familiar with different styles of music: el pop (pop), el rock (rock), el jazz (jazz), la música clásica (classical music), el country (country music), el blues (blues), and la música latina (Latin music).

Useful Phrases

  • Here are some common phrases about music that could come in handy:
    • Me gusta la música (I like music)
    • Mi canción preferida es… (My favourite song is…)
    • La música me hace sentir… (Music makes me feel…)
    • Voy a un concierto de… (I’m going to a … concert)
    • Toco el/la… (I play the…)

Expressing Opinions

  • Discussing your opinions on music can utilise expressions such as me gusta/me encanta/no me gusta (I like/I love/I do not like), creo que es (I think it is), creo que son (I think they are), para mí (for me), a mi parecer (in my opinion), es mejor/peor que (is better/worse than).

Talking about Favourites

  • Talking about music can also include discussing favourite artists, bands, or concerts. Make sure to know how to say ‘artist’ (artista), ‘band’ (banda), ‘concert’ (concierto) and ‘favourite’ (preferido/preferida).

Verb Conjugation and Frequency

  • Remember to review how to form the present tense of verbs like escuchar (to listen), tocar (to play), cantar (to sing), and bailar (to dance).
  • It could also be useful to discuss how often you listen to music or go to concerts (e.g., siempre (always), a menudo (often), a veces (sometimes), nunca (never)).

Broader Context of Music

  • You might want to discuss the use of music in other aspects of life, such as exercise (ejercicio), study (estudio), relaxation (relajación), and parties (fiestas).

Final Reminders

  • Above all, practise creating full sentences about music in Spanish. For example, “Me gusta escuchar música pop cuando estudio” (I like listening to pop music when I study), or “Voy a un concierto de jazz una vez al año” (I go to a jazz concert once a year).