Problems in Society

Problems in Society

Understanding Key Terms

  • Desempleo (Unemployment): Refers to the state of being without a job, while actively looking for one.
  • Pobreza (Poverty): This refers to the lack of material possessions or money, a low level of income and inability to satisfy basic needs.
  • Delincuencia (Crime): This is the term for various types of harmful acts considered by the society as wrong and punishable by law.
  • Drogadicción (Drug addiction): A destructive pattern of using a substance that leads to significant problems or distress.

Key Phrases and Sentences about Problems in Society

  • La desigualdad es un problema serio (Inequality is a major problem): This sentence refers to social, economic, gender or racial disparities.
  • El gobierno debe reducir la desigualdad de ingresos (The government should reduce income inequality): This statement emphasises the role of governmental authorities in bridging the income gap.
  • Las personas sin hogar necesitan más apoyo (Homeless people need more support): This highlights the severity of homelessness problem.
  • La delincuencia juvenil se está convirtiendo en un problema (Juvenile crime is becoming a problem): Use this to discuss issues related to crime by youths.

Discussing Possible Solutions

  • El gobierno debe proporcionar más empleos (The government should provide more jobs): A sentence referring to the role of the state in eliminating unemployment.
  • Se necesitan más albergues para los sin hogar (More shelters are needed for homeless people): Use this to propose practical solutions to homelessness.
  • La educación puede reducir la delincuencia (Education can reduce crime): Link education to crime prevention in this way.
  • Hay que invertir más en la rehabilitación de drogadictos (More must be invested in rehabilitating drug addicts): This underlines the importance of rehabilitation in solving drug-related problems.

Understanding Spanish Society

While revising, remember that understanding these social problems is also about understanding Spanish culture, economy, traditions, and social conditions. Keep the unique Spanish context in mind when discussing these issues.