Unhealthy Living

Unhealthy Living

Unhealthy Foods Vocabulary

  • Discuss the types of unhealthy foods, using the Spanish words for fats (grasas), sugars (azúcares), and fast food (comida rápida).

Physical Health Impacts of Unhealthy Living

  • Highlight the impact of an unhealthy lifestyle on physical health, like obesity (la obesidad), heart disease (enfermedades del corazón), and high blood pressure (la hipertensión).

Role of Exercise in Health

  • Mention the contribution of lack of exercise (la falta de ejercicio) to an unhealthy lifestyle, emphasising on words like sedentary lifestyle (vida sedentaria) and physical activity (actividad física).

Mental Health Impacts of Unhealthy Living

  • Discuss the impact of unhealthy living on mental health, using words like stress (el estrés), depression (la depresión), and anxiety (la ansiedad).

Harmful Substances & Dangers

  • Be able to talk about harmful substances such as alcohol (el alcohol), tobacco (el tabaco), and drugs (las drogas), and about their dangers.

Consequences of Smoking

  • Use vocabulary for discussing the consequences of smoking such as lung cancer (cáncer de pulmón), respiration problems (problemas de respiración) and life expectancy decreasing (disminución de la esperanza de vida).

Important Phrases & Constructs

  • Recognize important phrases and constructs, for example: “Es perjudicial para la salud” (It’s harmful for health), “Por lo tanto” (Therefore), “Además” (Furthermore), “A causa de” (Because of) which will help you connect your ideas better.

Advice Giving Vocabulary

  • Practice how to give advice or suggestions using phrases like “Deberías” (You should), “Es mejor que” (It’s better that), “Podrías” (You could) to promote healthier living habits.

Vocabulary for Quantities

  • Use expressions to indicate quantities: “mucho/a” (a lot), “poco/a” (little), “demasiado/a” (too much), “suficiente” (enough), “más que” (more than), “menos que” (less than) in order to emphasise consumption of food, alcohol or tobacco.

Conversational Elements in Health Discussions

  • Understand and practise related conversational elements, such as how to ask for, give, and understand health advice in Spanish.