Accommodation Types

  • Understand different types of accommodation available in Spanish-speaking countries - hotels (hoteles), bed and breakfasts (camas y desayunos), hostels (albergues), motels (moteles), vacation rentals (alquileres vacacionales), camping sites (campings), villas (villas), apartments (apartamentos).

Accommodation Vocabulary

  • Familiarise yourself with some vocabulary related to accommodation, for instance:
    • Single room - Habitación individual
    • Double room - Habitación doble
    • Suite - Suite
    • Reservation - Reserva
    • To book - Reservar
    • Available - Disponible
    • Full - Completo

Practice Booking Dialogues

  • Practice dialogues inquiring about or booking accommodation. Use the relevant vocabulary and make sure to use the right politeness forms. For example, ‘¿Tiene habitaciones disponibles para estas fechas?’

Facilities Terms

  • Learn phrases related to the facilities or services available at accommodation. This can include:
    • Air conditioner - Aire acondicionado
    • Heating - Calefacción
    • Room service - Servicio de habitaciones
    • Swimming pool - Piscina
    • Sea view - Vista al mar
    • Free Wifi - Wifi gratuito

Study from Real-world Materials

  • Look at reading materials, such as brochures or online listings of accommodation in Spanish-speaking countries to familiarise yourself with the real-world usage of these words and phrases.

Understand Customs and Etiquettes

  • Understand more about the customs and etiquette involved in staying in accommodations in Spanish-speaking countries. This can be very different from British traditions.

Complaints and Assistance

  • Learn how to make complaints or ask for assistance in Spanish. This is particularly essential as it encompasses important aspects of customer service, a crucial part of travel and tourism. Phrases can include ‘La ducha está rota’ (The shower is broken).

Listening Practices

  • Practice listening to conversations, podcasts, or watch videos about accommodation services in Spanish. This would help boost your comprehension abilities.

Writing Reviews

  • Try writing reviews about accommodation services as this will test your ability to articulate opinions and experiences in Spanish. For example, ‘El hotel estaba limpio y el personal era amable’ (The hotel was clean and the staff were friendly).

Role-play Scenarios

  • Role-playing scenarios can also be a good idea. You could recreate a situation where you’re checking into a hotel or asking for information about a hotel, such as its amenities or availability.

Remember, consistent practise will go a long way in enhancing your command over Spanish language skills pertinent to travel and tourism, accommodation being a substantial part.