Topic: Technology

Topic: Technology

Technology in Everyday Life

  • Consider the different types of technology utilized daily including phones, computers, video games, etc. Elaborate on how they are incorporated in daily routine.
    • ‘Utilizo mi teléfono para…’ (I use my phone to…)
    • ‘Paso mucho tiempo en mi ordenador porque…’ (I spend a lot of time on my computer because…)
  • Explore how technology affects mental and physical well-being. Talk about the upsides and downsides.
    • ‘La tecnología puede ser beneficiosa porque…’ (Technology can be beneficial because…)
    • ‘Sin embargo, puede ser dañina si…’ (However, it can be harmful if…)

Social Media

  • Briefly discuss popular social media platforms in Spanish speaking countries such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
    • ‘Las redes sociales más populares en los países hispanohablantes son…’ (The most popular social networks in Spanish-speaking countries are…)
    • ‘Me gusta usar…. porque…’ (I like to use…because)

Internet Safety

  • Reflect on the importance of online safety and privacy. Discuss potential dangers and ways of prevention.
    • ‘Es importante mantenerse seguro en línea al….’ (It’s important to stay safe online by…)
    • ‘Un peligro en línea puede ser….’ (An online danger can be…)

The Future of Technology

  • Talk about the potential future of technology and its impact on society, especially in Spanish speaking countries.
    • ‘En el futuro, la tecnología podría…’ (In the future, technology could…)
    • ‘Esto impactaría a la sociedad al…’ (This would impact society by…)

Remember, practising these phrases and vocabulary regularly will help to improve your Spanish language proficiency. Try to incorporate relevant idiomatic expressions where appropriate to attain higher marks.