Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Lifestyle Choices

  • Lifestyle choices: Revisers should understand how to discuss various lifestyle choices in Spanish. This includes knowing vocabulary and sentences related to eating habits, exercise, smoking, alcohol, and drug use.
  • Future Intentions: Understand how to express intentions or plans to lead a healthier lifestyle in the future.

Dietary Habits

  • Healthy Eating: Become familiar with Spanish words for different foods, meals, and drinks, as well as phrases describing dietary habits. You should be able to express opinions about different types of food and their health benefits or drawbacks.

Exercise and Activity

  • Physical Activity: You should be able to discuss different forms of exercise and their effects on health. Familiarise yourself with the vocabulary for sports, gym activities, and outdoor pursuits.

Substance Use

  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs: Learn the key phrases and vocabulary to discuss these topics, including words for different substances, the effects they have on the body, and opinions on their usage.

Health and Well-being

  • Illnesses and Health Problems: Know the words for common illnesses and health problems, as well as phrases and idioms describing feeling unwell. You should also become comfortable with the vocabulary for doctors’ appointments and medical treatment.
  • Body and Emotional Well-being: Learn to describe physical appearance and feelings. Understand how to discuss mental health issues such as stress and depression.
  • Importance of Sleep: Learn how to discuss sleeping habits and the importance of rest for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding and Expression

  • Reading and Listening Comprehension: Practice using these lifestyle-related vocabulary and phrases in context. Read Spanish texts and listen to Spanish-language audio related to healthy living.
  • Oral and Written Expression: Practice forming coherent, grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs about the topic. Craft written responses and practise spoken discussions on lifestyle choices and healthy living.