Topic: Travel - Getting Ready

Topic: Travel - Getting Ready

Vocabulary and Phrases

  • Vocabulary: Learn and revise the key vocabulary related to travel preparation. This includes luggage items (maleta, equipaje), clothing (ropa), travel documents (pasaporte, billete) and planning/preparation verbs (organizar, reservar).
  • Key Phrases: Practice common travel phrases, including “How to get to …?”, “What time does the … leave/arrive?”, “Can I have a ticket to …?”, etc. (¿Cómo llego a…? ¿A qué hora sale/llega el/la…? ¿Puedo tener un billete para…?)

Comprehension and Speaking

  • Reading and Listening Comprehension: Work on understanding spoken and written Spanish about travel arrangements such as bus or train schedules, airline tickets, hotel reservations etc.
  • Speaking: Become comfortable with speaking about travel preparations in Spanish including plans, reservations and asking for travel advice.

Practical and Interactive Activities

  • Role Play: Practise scenarios where you have to prepare for travel or deal with travel-related issues. These could be booking a hotel (reservar un hotel), buying a ticket (comprar un billete), packing a suitcase (hacer la maleta), or checking the weather forecast (consultar el pronóstico del tiempo).
  • Writing practice: Work on writing tasks that involve creating travel plans, booking trips, or explaining how to prepare for travel in Spanish.


  • Adjective Agreement: Practise using descriptive adjectives about travel in correct gender and number agreement with the nouns they describe.
  • Conjugating Verbs: Pay attention to verb conjugation especially for common verbs used in travel like ir (to go), partir (to leave), llegar (to arrive), viajar (to travel).
  • Conditional Statements: Practice using conditional tense for hypothetical scenarios related to travel (For example: If I go to Spain, I would visit Madrid - Si yo fuera a España, visitaría Madrid).
  • Use of Prepositions: Utilize the correct prepositions while describing the locations and motion involved in travelling.

Cultural Context and Insights

  • Culture: Understand and respect the cultural differences and practices when travelling to different Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Insights: Learn specific information about travelling in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries including cultural insights, popular destinations, etc.

Lastly, remember, repetition is key to mastering a foreign language. Keep on practicing!