Topic: Problems with Social Media

Topic: Problems with Social Media

Understanding Social Media

  • Definition of Social Media - There is a need to understand the basic concept of social media in Spanish. The term for social media in Spanish is “redes sociales”, which directly translates to “social networks”.

Dangers of Social Media

  • Addiction Problems - “Problemas de adicción” is a common issue related to social media. Discuss how many people, especially young people, can become addicted to using social media and the negative effects this can have.
  • Privacy Concerns - “Preocupaciones de privacidad” is another significant problem. Explore how these platforms collect vast amounts of personal information, which can be misused in the wrong hands.
  • Loneliness and Depression - Use Spanish phrases to explain how excessive use of social media can lead to loneliness and depression. For example, “La soledad y la depresión pueden ser causadas por el uso excesivo de las redes sociales” which means, “Loneliness and depression can be caused by excessive use of social media.”
  • Cyberbullying - Communicate the term and concept of cyberbullying, which can be a big problem on social media. The Spanish term is “ciberacoso”.

Effects of Social Media on Personal Life

  • Impact on Productivity - “Impacto en la productividad” could be discussed as lots of time spent on social media can distract from more important tasks.
  • Body Image Issues - Examine the “Problemas de imagen corporal” fuelled by unrealistic portrayals of beauty on social platforms.
  • Loss of Interpersonal Skills - The Spanish term for this is “Pérdida de habilidades interpersonales”. Discuss the impact on face-to-face communication skills due to over-reliance on social media for communication.

Manipulations Through Social Media

  • Getting Controlled Information - Discuss “La manipulación de información” or information manipulation, which is a significant issue tied to social media on which false information, hoax and propaganda spread easily.


  • Conclusion – End by summarizing your points “En conclusión, aunque las redes sociales tienen muchos beneficios, también presentan múltiples problemas serios.”

Additional Tip: Remember to practice using these phrases in full sentences, and work on your pronunciation. The goal is to have a conversation about social media issues as naturally as possible.