Topic: Illness

Topic: Illness


  • Understand and apply key Spanish vocabulary related to illness such as “la enfermedad” (illness), “la fiebre” (fever), “el dolor” (pain), “el médico” (the doctor), “el hospital” (hospital), etc.

Sentence Construction

  • Practice constructing sentences or dialogues describing someone’s symptoms like “Estoy resfriado” (I have a cold), “Me duele la cabeza” (My head hurts) or “Necesito ir al médico” (I need to go to the doctor).

Medical Advice Phrases

  • Be familiar with phrases used for giving and understanding medical advice, for instance “Tomar medicación” (to take medication), “Descansar mucho” (rest a lot), “Beber líquidos” (drink liquids).

Local Health Issues

  • Comprehend texts based on local health issues. These might include public health campaigns, healthy lifestyle choices, local hospital information.

National Health Issues

  • Engage in discussions around various health issues that impact nationally. This could include the health system in Spain, major health crisis, healthcare policies.

International Health Issues

  • Analyse various health-related news articles or reports from different Spanish-speaking countries. This may include understanding the impact of diseases on the region, the health measures taken, etc.

Global Health Issues

  • Express opinions and thoughts about global health issues written or spoken in Spanish, such as pandemics, health inequalities, access to healthcare among different countries etc.

Spanish-Speaking Cultures and Health

  • Gain an understanding of cultural aspects of health and illness in Spanish-speaking countries, such as traditional cures, beliefs, etc.

Writing Skills

  • For writing sections of the test, be able to compose a letter to a Spanish friend giving advice for quick recovery, or write an informative article on a particular global health issue.