What to Do

What to Do

Understanding the Importance of Travel and Tourism

  • Globally understand the importance of the travel and tourism industry, its role in Spanish-speaking countries, and its implications on the economy and socio-cultural aspects.
  • Explore the environmental impact of tourism and how Spanish-speaking countries are managing this issue.
  • Understand differences in travel customs and formalities in various Spanish-speaking countries to help with understanding diversity.

Travel Conversations and Spanish Terminologies

  • Familiarise yourself with various travel terminologies, including luggage, passport, tickets, boarding pass, etc., and their respective Spanish translations.
  • Practice conversations related to travel and tourism, such as booking a hotel, asking for directions, explaining preferences, dealing with emergencies, etc.
  • Learn phrases commonly used while dining at restaurants, shopping, or when visiting tourist attractions.
  • Study commonly used verbs in a tourist setting such as viajar (to travel), visitar (to visit) or reservar (to reserve).
  • Revise vocabulary related to transport (el transporte) such as car (el coche), train (el tren), or plane (el avión).
  • Understand nuances of cultural etiquette embedded in tourism-related situations: greeting manners, tipping norms, common courtesy expectations etc.

Enhancing Language Skills Related to Tourism

  • Learn and practise using the past, present and future tenses to describe travel experiences or plans.
  • Practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in travel and tourism-contexts.
  • Use multimedia resources such as Spanish travel blogs, podcasts or travel shows to immerse your revision in a real-world context.

Understanding Spanish-Speaking Countries’ Geography, Culture and History

  • Increase understanding of the geography of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, including popular tourist destinations, landmarks and cities.
  • Expand knowledge of the cultural, historical and natural beauty of Spanish-speaking countries, as this forms a significant part of travel.