Topic: What You Do at Home

Topic: What You Do at Home

Study Notes: What you do at Home (Areas of Interest) AQA Spanish GCSE

Daily Activities

  • ‘Hago mis deberes’ (I do my homework): Mention the amount of time you spend on homework or the subjects you concentrate on.
  • ‘Veo la televisión’ (I watch television): Discuss your favourite programmes and when you watch them.
  • ‘Cocino la cena’ (I cook dinner): Share which dishes you make and any traditional Spanish meals you’re familiar with or wish to cook.
  • ‘Paso tiempo con mi familia’ (I spend time with my family): Talk about the activities you and your family engage in at home, for instance, playing board games or watching movies.

Chores and Responsibilities

  • ‘Hago la limpieza’ (I do the cleaning): This phrase is handy when you want to discuss your house chores.

Personal Interest

  • ‘Leo libros’ (I read books): This leads to conversations about favourite authors, genres, or a specific book you’re currently reading.
  • ‘Escucho música’ (I listen to music): Share your favourite genres, musicians, or specific songs and how they connect to Spanish culture.
  • ‘Trabajo en mi jardín’ (I work in my garden): Describe your gardening activities, like growing vegetables or flowers.

Rest and Relaxation

  • ‘Descanso’ (I rest) or ‘Duermo’ (I sleep): Use these to discuss your sleeping habits or relaxation activities.

Tip: Use various tense forms to describe regular activities (present tense), current activities (present continuous), or previous day events (past tense).