Topic: About Yourself

Topic: About Yourself

Language Mastery

  • Grammar Focus: In this topic, strive to master the use of the first person singular in regular and irregular verbs. Remember to correctly conjugate verbs depending on the context.
  • Vocabulary: Amplify your knowledge and use of vocabulary related to personal details. These include words describing physical appearance (e.g., alto/a, bajo/a, moreno/a, rubio/a), characteristics (e.g., simpático/a, tímido/a, divertido/a) and feelings (e.g., feliz, triste, emocionado/a).
  • Tenses: This topic offers an excellent opportunity to use different tenses. Use present tense to discuss current details, future tense for ambitions, and past tense to talk about experiences.

Communication and Interaction Skills

  • Communication Skills: Improve on expressing personal opinions about yourself, speaking about your lifestyle and ambitions, using phrases such as “me gusta/ no me gusta”, “quiero ser”, “espero”.
  • Personal Interactions: Practice dialogues about your personal life, hobbies, dreams and aspirations. Remember to use a varied range of complex structures to improve the quality of your speaking and writing.
  • Proficiency: Aim to improve your pronunciation, fluency, and spontaneity to engage effectively in conversations about yourself.

Cultural Understanding and Awareness

  • Cultural Awareness: Gather knowledge about typical Spanish attitudes toward personal identity, dreams, and ambitions. Note any cultural differences or similarities with your own.

Listening, Reading and Exam Techniques

  • Listening and Reading: Improve your listening and reading comprehension skills by exposing yourself to Spanish-speaking media and literature that discuss personal identity.
  • Exam Techniques: Practice translating sentences about your personal description and identity from English to Spanish, and vice versa. This can be a useful skill for your overall performance.

Assessing and Improving

  • Assessment: Remember to frequently self-evaluate and seek feedback to ensure your progress. Use the mark schemes to check the quality of your answers.

Remember, continuous practise and exposure are the keys for improvement. Include Spanish in your day to day life where possible, such as listening to Spanish music or watching movies/series in Spanish. The more you use the language, the more natural it will become. Good luck with your revision!