Population in Mumbai

Describe Mumbai

With increasing population, Mumbai has expanded in size:

  • 68Km2 the city
  • 370Km2 the suburban districts
  • 602km2 the metropolitan district (Greater London 607km2)
  • New suburbs are developing. Navi Mumbai has been built on the mainland. 2015 – 1million people lived there (mainly middle class)
  • 60% of Mumbai’s population live in slums!

Push and Pull

Population in Mumbai, figure 1

Describe Population Growth

Thousands of people across India move from the countryside to the city every day (about 1000 migrants move to Mumbai everyday). Mumbai’s population is growing by 3% a year and the population doubles every 23 years!

Population in Mumbai, figure 1


Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Investment has grown, increasing the number of people employed rapidly.

Investment has been greatest in:

  1. Manufacturing (Textiles, Food processing & Engineering)
  2. Services (Banking, ICT & Call centres)
  3. Construction (Housing, Factories & Offices)
  4. Entertainment & Leisure (Bollywood, Hotels & Restaurants)

All this has put pressure on land in the CBD, making Mumbai one of the world’s most expensive cities, and factories are moving out due to high rents and land costs.


Population in Mumbai, figure 1