London's Sustainability

Measuring Quality of Life

London's Sustainability, figure 1


Sustainable Development is the ability to provide for current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Unsustainable technology

  • Uses resources that cannot be replaced
  • Produces wastes that cannot be broken down
  • Steals from the future to feed the present

Sustainable technology

  • Uses resources that are replaced regularly
  • Produces wastes that break down harmlessly
  • Protects the future

London's Sustainability, figure 1

A sustainable city provides good quality of life for all its residents without using up resources in a way that means future residents will have to accept lower quality of life.


London's Sustainability, figure 1

Explain how to measure quality of life, linking to Sustainable Development.
Your answer should include: Needs / Crime / Quality / of / Life
How can London be sustainable?
Your answer should include: Transport / Employment / Housing / Recycling / Green / Spaces