Environmental Impacts


Extracting and using energy is one of humans’ most significant impacts on the Earth.

The impacts can be:

  • Local, such as the visual impact of a wind turbine
  • Regional, for example the impacts of pollution

These impacts are far outweighed by the impact of burning fossil fuels on the Earth’s atmosphere

Energy causes things to happen around us. During the day, the sun gives out light and heat energy. At night, street lamps use electrical energy to light our way.

When a car drives by, it is being powered by gasoline, a type of stored energy. The food we eat contains energy. We use that energy to work and play.

Fossil Fuels

Environmental Impacts

Environmental Impacts, figure 1

Environmental Impacts, figure 2

Environmental Impacts, figure 3

Environmental Impacts, figure 4

What is the problem with fossil fuels?
Your answer should include: Carbon / Dioxide / Warming