A Linha Curva: Choreographer's approach

A Linha Curva: Choreographer’s approach

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A Linha Curva: Choreographer’s Approach

  • A Linha Curva was choreographed by Itzik Galili, who brings an element of playfulness and celebration into the dance.
  • Galili’s choreographic approach in ‘A Linha Curva’ is influenced by percussion rhythms and Brazilian culture, which are predominantly reflected in the dance.

A Linha Curva: Properties

  • The dance holds a main property of a large, curved, sloping wall at the back of the stage which reflects the title ‘A Linha Curva’ (The Curved Line).
  • Four percussionists on raised platforms are also a key property used in the performance.

A Linha Curva: Dance for Camera

  • The dance is recorded using steady, mid-long shot camera work to encompass all performers and fully present the group dynamics.
  • There are very minimal camera movements, focusing on presenting the choreography as authentically as possible.

A Linha Curva: Performance Environment

  • Performance environment is an open proscenium stage setting with sufficient space to hold the large group of dancers.
  • The proscenium setting effectively presents the company’s use of unison, space and patterns.