Infra: Movement content (actions, dynamics, space, relationships)

Infra: Movement content (actions, dynamics, space, relationships)

Infra: Movement Content


  • Infra features a variety of action content, including extensions, turns, jumps, and balances.
  • Controlled actions such as falls and recoveries highlight the struggle and resilience of the characters.
  • Repeated unison sequences show the daily repetitive actions in an urban lifestyle.


  • Infra presents many contrasting dynamics, with movements ranging from swift and aggressive to slow and gentle.
  • Sharp, sudden movements are used to convey moments of conflict and shock.
  • Use of flowing movements express moments of harmony and peace.


  • Dancers move in sequences across range of space, from confined individual spaces to the whole stage, indicating a sense of isolation and unity.
  • Vertical space usage portrays elevation and helplessness, important in understanding the characters’ emotions.


  • The relation between dancers indicates interpersonal connections — some dancers mirror, some contrast, while others ignore each other.
  • Body contacts and partner work highlights close relationships and emotional interactions.
  • The lack of interaction between some dancers represents urban isolation and anonymity.