Infra: Properties

Infra: Properties

  • Props play a significant role in the dance, particularly the red dress which symbolizes love and danger simultaneously.
  • The Balloon used in the dance may symbolize the fleetingness and ephemerality of human life. The dancers often interact with the balloon, signifying human relationships and emotions.

Infra: Costume

  • Dancers adorn casual modern day clothing, representing everyday people in a city landscape. This helps distinguish between different characters and suggests their socio-economic status.
  • Colours used in the costumes vary. Dark colours suggest seriousness, melancholy, or even anxiety, while light or bright colours uplift the mood signifying joy and vitality.

Infra: Dancers

  • The dance involves a large cast of dancers, depicting a cityscape bustling with varied individuals.
  • Each dancer carries a distinct character and story, representing diverse cross-section of society.

Infra: Aural Settings

  • The dance is set to Max Richter’s score, which is a blend of classical strings and digital sounds, creating an emotional, often melancholy mood.
  • Use of cityscape sounds, such as sirens and crowd noise, creates a realistic sense of being in a busy city.

Infra: Dance for Camera

  • The use of close-up shots captures intricate details of the movements and expressions, enhancing the emotional impact.
  • The wide-angle and overhead shots provide a comprehensive view of the stage, illustrating the formations and spatial relationships among the dancers.

Infra: Performance Environment

  • The performance is set on a proscenium arch stage, presenting a picture-frame view of the dancers and action.
  • At times, dancers spill over into the wings of the stage or use the foreground and background adding a three-dimensional effect and dynamism to the performance.

Infra: Choreographer’s Approach

  • The use of improvisation is noted in the piece, allowing dancers to bring their individual interpretation to their performance.
  • Choreographer utilizes a neo-classical style with a fusion of ballet and contemporary techniques.