Self-critical appreciation: gesture

Self-critical appreciation: gesture

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Group 1: Understanding Gesture in Dance

  • Understanding and Incorporating Gesture: Evaluate how effectively you use gesture in your performances, and whether the movements help to narrate the story or express a feeling or emotion.
  • Originality and Suitability: Assess the originality of your gestures and their appropriateness to the style and theme of the performance.

Group 2: Gesture and Audience Perception

  • Clarity of Movements: Assess yourself on whether your gestures are clear and can be easily understood by the audience.
  • Rhyme and Rhythm: Evaluate how well your gestures are timed with the music and dance routine.

Group 3: Gesture and Overall Performance

  • Coordinating with Other Dancers: Review how well you coordinate your gestures with other dancers for group performances.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Gauge how well you modify your gestures when given spontaneous instructions or during improvisations.

Group 4: Improvement and Development

  • Implementing Feedback: Consider how well you incorporate feedback into your gestures.
  • Dedication to Progress: Evaluate whether you are practising regularly to improve your gestures in dance.

Remember, these bullet points are intended to guide your self-critical appreciation and reflection on the use of gesture in your dance performances.