Infra: audience understanding

Infra: Audience Understanding

  • The choreographer, Wayne McGregor, creates abstract narratives that can lead to multiple interpretations.

  • The backdrop displaying numbers, motion and human figures helps to convey the idea of urban life’s complexity which needs to be grasped by the audience.

  • McGregor uses duets, trios and ensemble sequences to symbolize interactions within a city. These forms of human engagement, expressed through dance, bring about a deeper understanding for the audience.

  • The emotions expressed through the body language and facial expressions of the performers communicate feelings of isolation, loneliness and desperation inherent in city life.

  • The effective use of the dance theatre medium enables audience members to derive their own personal meanings from the piece, reflecting the multiplicity of experiences within a city.

  • Unexpected jumps, lifts and unique postures may seem strange to some audience members initially, but these movements are meant to emulate authentic human emotions and interactions, enhancing the audience connections to the performance.

  • The music is integral in setting the mood for each scene, guiding the audience’s understanding of the underlying narratives.

  • The stark and minimalistic set design also contributes to the overall bleak mood, reinforcing the narratives of loneliness and isolation.

  • The title ‘Infra’ itself means ‘below’, which suggests a look beneath the surface, encouraging the audience to grasp underlying themes and emotions embedded in the choreography.

  • The choice of costume (casual everyday clothing) makes the performance relatable, suggesting the dancers represent ordinary people living out their lives in a cityscape.