A Linha Curva: Properties

A Linha Curva: Properties


  • Warm tones are used, and they often appear like a sunrise or sunset to enhance the festive atmosphere of the piece.
  • The contrast of light and shadow also plays a part in setting the mood for various sections of the dance.
  • Spotlights focus on specific dancers or groups during certain key moments, highlighting the intricate choreography and interactions amongst performers.


  • The ramp greatly influences the movement of the dancers, changing the dynamics of the piece.
  • The drums used in the latter part of the performance contribute to the overall sound and create a sense of unity amongst the dancers.
  • Costumes are minimal, but their vibrant colours further set the vivacious tone of the dance and differentiate between male and female performers.

Staging and Set

  • The circular stage encourages continuous movement and gives a sense of endless energy.
  • The props that are used, like the ramp and drums, are instrumental in driving the performance and the interaction amongst the dancers.

Choreography and Performers

  • The rhythmic nature of the dance is extremely interactive and keeps the viewers engaged.
  • Male and female performers have distinctly different roles in the dance, creating an interesting dynamic.
  • The interaction between dancers varies from highly coordinated group movements to individual freestyle moments, showcasing a wide range of talent.

Aural Setting

  • The music is a key part of the dance, creating a lively, festive atmosphere, and driving the rhythmic nature of the choreography.
  • Drumbeats contribute to the overall sound and are also worked into the choreography, making sound a key part of the performance.

Audience impact

  • The energetic and interactive nature of the dance is likely to hold the viewers’ interest throughout.
  • The variation in choreography and the vibrant set, props and lighting are bound to leave a lasting impression.