Performance: Technical Skills

Performance: Technical Skills

Performance Skills

-Basic Techniques: This includes alignment, balance, control, coordination, flexibility, mobility, strength, and spatial awareness.

-Authentic Body Language: Every movement in dance communicates a message. Ensure that your body language is authentic and appropriate to the style of dance and the concept being communicated.

Technical Skills

-Dance Techniques: This includes an understanding of dance vocabulary and the ability to execute dance steps, movements, and sequences accurately.

-Musicality: An understanding of the rhythm, tempo, and phrasing of the music you are dancing to is crucial. It impacts timing, energy, and expression.

-Use of Space: Be aware of and use the space around you, the directions you’re facing, levels, and pathways.

Expressive Skills

-Facial Expression: Be conscious of your facial expressions while dancing, as they can add significantly to the mood and interpretation of your performance.

-Energy: Understand the energy your dance requires - it could be soft and fluid or sharp and quick. Your energy should match the style, music, and mood of your dance.

-Projection: Have the ability to ‘reach out’ beyond the immediate performance space to communicate with your audience.

Remember that perfecting your dance technique and enhancing your performance skills are ongoing processes. Personal dedication, regular practise, and constructive feedback are essential. Also, be open to experimenting with different styles and approaches to dance.