Infra: meaning

Infra: Meaning

  • Infra is choreographed by Wayne McGregor, devised as a commentary on modern-day life, especially in urban settings.
  • The title Infra comes from the Latin word for ‘below’ and this can be interpreted as looking beneath the surface of life.
  • The piece is intended to depict daily experiences of city life, highlighted through the art of dance.
  • McGregor collaborates with musician Max Richter and artist Julian Opie to create an innovative interpretation of interconnected human experiences.
  • States of mind, responses to stress, emotion and interpersonal relationships are central themes in Infra, these are implicitly and explicitly conveyed through movement.
  • The dancers often move in the form of walking, running, and pushing against invisible barriers to illustrate city life.
  • Solos, duets, and ensemble moments signify moments of loneliness, empathy, aggression and support, mirroring the fluctuating dynamics of human interaction in urban settings.
  • The use of LED figures (the work of Julian Opie) moving continuously along an LED strip appears to represent the daily routine and mundane life of a city.
  • In the piece, McGregor uses physical extremes to explore and highlight the mental states and emotional depths that exist ‘beneath the surface’.

Understand the Infra as a commentary, its focus on inner-city life, relationships and routine through collaboration, and the usage of physicality to represent emotional depth. This will greatly assist in comprehending the complexity and depth embedded in McGregor’s choreography.