Infra: ideas

Infra: ideas

Concepts behind Infra

  • Choreographed by Wayne McGregor, the key idea revolves around exploring human interaction and emotions within a city environment.

  • The title ‘Infra’ comes from the Latin ‘below’, reflecting the undercurrent of emotions and actions in a city.

Use of digital projections

  • A unique concept integrated in ‘Infra’ is the use of digital projections designed by Julian Opie.

  • The projections depict pedestrian figures moving along as if on a conveyor belt, sparking conversations about monotony of urban existence.

Live Music

  • The score created by Max Richter plays a vital role in dictating the rhythm and pace of the choreography.

  • The piano melodies evoke a sense of melancholy, reflecting an emotional journey as well as resonance with urban isolation.

Physical Vocabulary

  • McGregor’s inventiveness is clearly visible as he uses extreme flexibility, hyperextensions, and off-balance movements to express a wide range of emotions.

  • Complex duo and trio work demonstrates human interactions, relationships, and the sometimes disconnected communication in the urban populace.

Abstract Approach

  • The narrative does not follow a linear or literal approach.

  • The emotional journey is heavily dependent on individual interpretation, emphasizing McGregor’s abstract choreography.

Uniform costuming

  • Infra uses uniform costuming which parallels the uniformity often encountered in city life.

  • The simplicity of costuming helps to highlight the complexity and intricacies of the choreography.

Remember, digital projection, abstract approach, physical vocabulary, Max Richter’s score, and the concept of urban emotional undercurrent are pivotal to understanding ‘Infra’.