Artificial Things: ideas

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Key Ideas in Artificial Things:

  • Theme of Difference: The dance deals with the concept of breaking free from societal norms and accepted conventions.

  • Disability & Inequality: Artificial Things explores the theme of disability and inequality, aiming to challenge perceptions and provoke thought.

Creative Inspiration:

  • Wheelchair Dance: Choreographer Lucy Bennett was inspired by wheelchair dance, leading to an inclusive dance piece with both disabled and non-disabled dancers.

  • Observation of Society: The dance reflects societal attitudes towards normality, conformity, and difference, illustrating these through movement and performance dynamics.


  • Visual Imagery: The dance makes use of visual imagery to symbolise the different themes and ideas. An example being the dancer breaking away from the circle of chairs in the stage design.

  • Juxtaposition: Throughout the dance, there is a clear juxtaposition between the group and the outsider, highlighting the themes of individuality and non-conformity.