Within Her Eyes: mood

Within Her Eyes: mood

Overall Mood

  • Within Her Eyes has an overall mood of melancholia, permeating all aspects of the dance piece. This is represented through the movement, choreography, lighting and music.

Emotional Imagery

  • Throughout the dance, the choreographer emphasises the feeling of loss and longing. This is achieved by the continual connection and interdependence of the two performers.
  • There’s an element of despair and hopelessness. It’s shown through the female dancer’s inability to exist independently of her male partner, despite his being an absent or non-responsive figure.

Mood Created Through Movement

  • The mood is also expressed through the dynamic qualities of the movement. Placing emphasis on sustained and controlled movements can highlight the sense of longing.
  • The dancer’s fluid and connected movements help to express their emotional state and the continuous flow of these movements echoes the persistence of their sorrow.

Lighting and Mood

  • The use of natural lighting gives the piece an even more melancholic atmosphere. It pairs perfectly with the desolate fields and remote scenery to evoke a sense of solitude and isolation.
  • The changes in lighting throughout the piece subtly echo changes in emotional intensity.

Music Contribution to Mood

  • The score of Within Her Eyes significantly contributes to the overall mood. The haunting string music aligns with the sorrowful undertones of the piece.
  • Silences in the music are used strategically to allow the physical movement to speak for itself, highlighting the emotional potency behind the choreography.
  • The scalene rhythmic pattern in the music creates a sense of uncertainty and tension, adding to the uneasy mood.