Shadows: Lighting

Shadows: Lighting

#Staging and Set

  • Shadows is set in a domestic interior with a table and chairs. The table and chairs signify a family home setting.
  • The positioning of the table and chairs changes throughout the performance, reflecting shifts in the family dynamic.


  • Dancers wear simple, everyday clothing in Shadows, furthering the motif of a typical family.
  • Colours of costumes vary between characters but remain within a palette, creating contrast and expressing individuality.


  • Soft lighting creates an intimate, homely atmosphere.
  • Changes in lighting intensity and direction are linked to the emotion and mood of the dance.


  • The soundtrack in Shadows is made up by Arvo Pärt’s music.
  • The music is reflective in nature, which mirrors the contemplative mood of the piece.


  • The dance incorporates a blend of ballet and contemporary techniques.
  • Repetitive movements are used to signify the daily routine of a family.
  • Partnerships and interactions between dancers demonstrate relationships within the family.


  • Main themes of Shadows include family, relationships, and the pressures of life.
  • The title Shadows symbolises the shadow of the problems and the pressures that weigh down on the family.


  • Props such as the coats present themes of burden and weight.
  • The table and chairs represent the family’s home but also become symbolic for barriers and obstacles.