Infra: style

Infra: Style

  • Infra, by Wayne McGregor, showcases a type of contemporary ballet. It is a fusion of classical ballet techniques with modern dance elements.
  • McGregor developed a unique kinetic vocabulary which is used throughout the piece. The movement language involves intricate, rapid choreography and angular movements.
  • The dance utilises physical extremes, with dancers often extending their limbs to the fullest and performing challenging lifts.

Use of Space

  • Infra incorporates an expansive use of space. Movements travel widely across the stage, reflecting the idea of urban sprawl.
  • McGregor also makes use of vertical space by pairs executing lifts and jumps, signifying the different levels of the urban environment.

Contact and Partnering

  • Contact work and partnering play crucial roles throughout ‘Infra’. They signify human relationships, connections, and disconnections in an urban setting.

Dynamic Contrast

  • Use of dynamic contrast in Infra is notable. This includes a mix of soft, fluid movements and sharp, aggressive actions to express varying emotional states.

Repetition and Canons

  • Repetition and canons are frequently used to illustrate the mechanical, repetitive nature of city life and the collective nature of human existence.

Remember, recognising the unique style of ‘Infra’ will help in understanding the choreographic intentions and interpreting the underlying themes.