Artificial Things: environment in which the dance was created and performed

Artificial Things: environment in which the dance was created and performed

Sure, let’s revise the various aspects of “Artificial Things”:


  • The lighting is used to create contrast and mood. Different intensities and colors contribute to the overall visual effect.
  • Spotlights and floodlights are sometimes used to focus audience attention, underline important moments, or to create a sense of space and distance.
  • Sometimes, the lights’ movement is synchronized with the dancers’, this helps to emphasize the dynamics of the dance.


  • The properties or ‘props’ in the dance help to establish the context and can also become integral to the movement.
  • Props can set the atmospace atmosphere, for instance, a wheelchair or crutches can imply a sense of disability or injury.
  • They can be manipulated by the dancers to become part of the choreography, adding another layer of meaning to the dance.


  • Costuming can tell a lot about the characters and their roles in the dance.
  • The choice of costume can impact how the dancers move and can bring additional symbolism or references to the piece.
  • Costume changes can indicate transformations or transitions in the dance narrative.


  • The dancers’ technical ability, strength, and flexibility play a major role in executing the choreography.
  • The emotive expressiveness of the dancers can significantly influence the audience interpretation.
  • Dancers’ interaction with each other and with the audience is a critical part of the performance experience.

Aural Settings

  • The sound environment, whether it’s music, dialogue, or ambient noise, sets the tone and atmosphere for the dance.
  • The rhythm and tone of the aural setting can strongly influence the tempo and mood of the dancer’s movements.
  • Silence can also be an effective component of the aural setting, creating moments of tension or calm within the dance.

I hope this recap helps you review these key elements of ‘Artificial Things’!