Dance Appreciation: Choreographic Intent

Dance Appreciation: Choreographic Intent

Understanding Choreographic Intent

  • Define Choreographic Intent: This refers to the original idea, message or concept that the choreographer wishes to convey through the dance. This could be a story, an emotion, a commentary, or an exploration of a theme.

  • Identify Choreographic Intent: Look for what the choreographer is trying to communicate. This could involve observing recurring motifs, the use of different movements, the choice of music, or other production elements.

Analyzing Choreographic Intent

  • Interpreting Themes: The theme of a dance is usually tied to its choreographic intent. The theme could be stated outright or might need to be inferred from the overall performance.

  • Analyze Movements: The choreographer’s choice of movements can provide insight into their intent. Recognize the specific dance techniques, styles and formations used and how they contribute to the overall performance.

  • Role of Music and Sound: The choice of music or sound can reveal a lot about a choreographer’s intent. Consider how the music complements or contrasts with the movements.

Evaluating Choreographic Intent

  • Personal Interpretation: Your personal reaction and interpretation of the piece plays a part in understanding the choreographic intent. Sometimes, there might be multiple valid interpretations of a piece.

  • Compare and Contrast: Try comparing the piece with other works by the same choreographer or works with a similar theme by different choreographers. This can provide a deeper understanding of the choreographic intent.

Reflecting on Choreographic Intent

  • Reflect on Meaning: After analysing the dance, reflect on what you believe the choreographer intended to communicate. There might not always be a clear answer, and that’s part of the art of dance.

  • Respect for Diverse Interpretations: Remember that others might interpret the choreographic intent differently. That’s one of the things that makes dance such an interesting form of expression.