Quartet: Physical/Technical SKills

Quartet: Physical/Technical SKills

Documenting the Quartet Performance

  • Keep a detailed working notebook chronicling all steps and decisions taken.
  • Include sketches or diagrams representing formations, patterns, or particular dance moves.
  • Document the creative process including exploration of themes, choice of music and costuming.
  • Record feedback received and corresponding adjustments made.
  • Analyze and record personal improvements and development in performing skills.

Performance: Physical Skills and Attributes

  • Stress on the need to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, and neuromuscular coordination.
  • Discuss warm-up and cool-down procedures and their importance.
  • Understand and apply correct posture and alignment.
  • Apply breathing techniques to enable efficient use of energy.
  • Demonstrate spatial awareness, balancing and timing in performance.

Documenting the Solo Performance

  • Keep a detailed record of solo performance preparation, planning, and execution.
  • Document specific challenges faced and steps taken to overcome them.
  • Include detailed notes about costume, props, music, lighting or other technical decisions.
  • Reflect on feedback and adjustments made as part of the ongoing process.

Performance: Technical Skills

  • Be well versed in the execution of dance techniques - rotation, elevation, travelling, transitions, etc.
  • Acquire awareness of the physical dynamics like energy, force, weight, and momentum.
  • Use varied movement vocabularies and styles.
  • Understand and maintain rhythm, timing and musicality in all performances.

Performance: Expressive Skills

  • Show the ability to interpret and express the intent of a choreographic piece.
  • Apply various ways to communicate emotions and ideas through movement.
  • Use facial expressions and projection to elevate and enrich performance.
  • Understand the role of sensory awareness in effectively communicating the essence of the dance piece.

Quartet: Interpretative/Performance Skills

  • Demonstrate teamwork and cooperation throughout the performance.
  • Understand and apply the principles of composition, choreography, and spatial design.
  • Exhibit sensitivity to fellow dancers’ movements, response to cues, and timely execution.
  • Communicate the collective interpretation of the theme or storyline.

Performance: Mental Skills and Attributes

  • Understand the need for focus, concentration, and mindfulness throughout the performance.
  • Demonstrate resilience, self-discipline, and self-motivation in the face of challenges.
  • Develop a positive mindset and a supportive approach towards fellow performers.
  • Highlight the role of reflexion, evaluation, and critical thinking to constantly improve.

Quartet: Physical/Technical Skills

  • Show the ability to execute complex group formations and configurations.
  • Understand the principles of timing, spatial dynamics, weight sharing, and contact improvisation.
  • Exhibit synchronised dancing capability in quartet performance.
  • Consistently work on improved stamina, strength, flexibility, and balance.