Emancipation of Expressionism: similarities with other dances

Emancipation of Expressionism: similarities with other dances

Influence from Hip-hop Dance

  • Emancipation of Expressionism (EoE) is heavily influenced by the hip-hop dance genre, seen in movements like popping, locking, and breaking.
  • BluePrint, like many hip-hop dances, incorporates elements of street dance and freestyle movements.

Comparison with Other Contemporary Dances

  • EoE shares common elements with contemporary dance pieces as they often explore abstract themes and emotions.
  • Complex formations and group dynamics present in EoE are also typically seen in contemporary dance works.

Relationship with Narrative Dances

  • Similar to narrative dances, EoE tells a story through its choreography, representing the journey from oppression to freedom.
  • The focus on expression and emotion in EoE is akin to narrative dances.

Shared Attributes with Conceptual Dances

  • Conceptual dances often focus on a specific idea or theme and this is mirrored in EoE’s focus on the concept of ‘emancipation’.
  • Like in conceptual dances, EoE uses a variety of dance styles and movements to express its central theme.

Unity with Other Boy Blue Works

  • EoE shares stylistic elements with other works by Boy Blue, including synchronised movements, sharp execution, and emphasis on ensemble work.
  • Continuous flow of movement interrupted by stillness or slow motion, used effectively in EoE, is a common motif in Boy Blue’s other works.