Infra: environment in which the dance was created and performed

Infra: environment in which the dance was created and performed

Choreographic Devices in Infra

  • Infra makes use of unison, with dancers performing the same steps simultaneously to enhance the visual impact.
  • Repetition is significantly employed, allowing the audience to recognise and engage with recurring movements.
  • Cannon is another device seen in Infra, where dancers perform the same moves, but start at different times.
  • The piece also leverages contrasting movements, with harsh, robotic movements juxtaposed against softer, flowing motions.

Mood in Infra

  • The opening scene sets a heavy, intense mood portrayed by the sombre music and slow, precise movements.
  • The mood fluctuates throughout the performance, mirroring the ebbs and flows of city life.
  • The predominant mood, however, is melancholy and isolation, intensifying the audience’s emotional engagement with the piece.

Meaning of Infra

  • Infra explores humanity beneath the surface - the “infra”.
  • It reflects the complexity of life in a city where individuals cross paths but rarely connect on a deep level.
  • The physical barrier represented by the digital score also alludes to barriers in personal connections.

Key Themes in Infra

  • Infra explores several themes, predominantly individuality, connection, and isolation.
  • The theme of individuality is visible in solos and duets, while group dances reflect the lack of deep personal connections in a city.
  • The theme of isolation is reinforced by the digital score serving as a physical barrier.

Style and Infra

  • Infra is chiefly Contemporary, however, includes elements from Ballet.
  • Its moves are fluid and graceful, yet punctuated with stark, robotic movements, to reflect the themes and ideas it carries.

Similarities and Differences to Other Dances

  • Like many contemporary pieces, Infra critically explores societal issues.
  • However, its extensive use of digital projections set it apart from traditional Contemporary dances.

Audience Understanding

  • Infra aims to provoke thought and encourage the audience to reflect on their connections in the city they live.
  • It does not present a straightforward narrative and requires the audience to interpret the symbolism and emotive choreography.

The Purpose of Infra

  • Infra was intended to show the bustling life of a city.
  • It was created to encourage the audience to reflect on the nature of their relationships and think about how cities can often bring people together, yet keep them apart.

The Environment of Infra

  • Infra was created and performed against the backdrop of a bustling, vibrant cityscape.
  • The performance space had elements of an urban environment, such as the LED board portraying pedestrians, which immerses the audience into the depicted lifestyle.